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C'Jon Armstead

Commercial Advisor

Meet C'jon Armstead, a dedicated commercial advisor at Tortoise Realty Group and new addition to the team. With a deep connection to Palm Beach County and a background in philanthropy, C'jon is your trusted expert for commercial and mixed-use property transactions in West Palm Beach, FL.

C'jon's career has been marked by a commitment to making a positive impact on the community. Before joining our team, he served as a program officer at Quantum Foundation, working tirelessly to improve health outcomes for Palm Beach County residents. His philanthropic background reflects his passion for enriching the lives of others.

C'jon's journey in business development with South Florida Business & Wealth (SFBW) further enhances his expertise. He understands the unique needs of executives and businesses in the tri-county market, ensuring tailored solutions for your real estate requirements.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, C'jon actively contributes to philanthropic organizations and prestigious boards, demonstrating his dedication to community service.

Residing in Royal Palm Beach with his wife Carleen and their children Mila, Zion, and Legend, C'jon is deeply rooted in the South Florida community. When you work with C'jon Armstead, you benefit from his local knowledge, industry insights, and unwavering commitment to your success in the real estate market.

[561] 225-9328

C'Jon Armstead
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